Interested in soap making?  Does all-natural lip balm strike your fancy?  Maybe you never dreamed you could make handmade lotion or mineral makeup.  Whatever your interest, there's a class for you.

Join me for a few hours of fun.  You'll spend lots of time whipping up your own creations so, for all classes, come dressed to get messy (or bring an apron).  You'll leave with an armful of products, handcrafted by you, and a new handmade skin care addiction!

If a class you're interested in isn't currently scheduled, consider booking a private workshop.  They're fun, low-key, and tailored to whatever interests you.
Skin Care Classes
Angela Palmer's Natural Skin Care

"This was so fun!  Angela is knowledgeable and personable!  Angela had a HUGE assortment of essential oils, herbs, etc. and that made it terrific!"
-- Shannon, Hayward CA

"I really enjoyed this class.  Angela explained the science of skn very well."
-- Christine, San Leandro CA

"Very informative!  Can't wait to get mixing!"
-- Cheryl, Castro Valley CA

"An excellent class - I highly recommend it."
-- Robin, San Leandro CA

"Fun course.  Angela was very well prepared and had a large assortment of materials for us to try out."
-- Christina, Hayward CA

"Fun, very interactive."
-- Annon., Stockton, CA

"Real fun.  I very much enjoyed the class.  Well done."
-- Bridget, Oakland CA

"Awesome!  Best community ed. class ever!"
-- Annon., Hayward, CA

"I thought the course was quite interesting and fun.  The time went by so fast!"
-- M.J., Hayward, CA

Would you like to attend a natural skin care class but none are scheduled near you?
Looking for a fun activity for your group?

Consider hosting a private workshop!